We Design, Order, Plant, And Manage Your Landscaping For You

When you hire Elite Outdoor you get a full service team that can take any outdoor space and make it beautiful. Whether it is for residential homes or commercial properties, we have the experts, experience and tools to provide it all.

Landscaping That Is Perfectly Suited For 417 Land.

Our weather in SW Missouri can change rapidly. Elite works to help you turn your yard into a gorgeous art display that you can enjoy. Our technicians can incorporate different approaches to your landscaping to help minimize water use, create natural barriers, reduce or eliminate drainage problems, and more.

Elite is the One-Stop provider for all your garden and landscape needs. We offer unparalleled professionalism in personalized property care. Choose from a full range of lawn maintenance services, including lawn & plant care, irrigation, fertilization, pruning, mulching, flowers & beautiful container plantings.

Our licensed and certified team has the experience to design and create a landscaped environment that reflects your own personal image or that of your business. Our state of the art computerized landscape design leads to an attractive presentation and accurate implementation. As our landscape designer works with you to design your landscape, we develop a detailed plan that considers the property as a whole.  Our landscaping plan will not only allow you to visualize the work to be done, but also helps us better communicate throughout the process.