Landscape Lighting


     Landscape lighting has many purposes. Illuminating your outdoor space is the main purpose that you can expect with landscape lighting, but there are multiple benefits to landscape lighting that both amaze and thrill homeowners.


Lighting areas where people walk will ensure the safety around walkways and stairs prevent unwanted and harmful falls. Positioning lighting around pools, patios, decks and seating areas will provide plenty of lighting to ensure safety.


Motion detector landscaping lighting will illuminate when anything is in motion. If someone walks through your yard, your lights will come on. This gives you added security to your home. The motion detector lights only turn on when they are activated and can be placed around your home, deterring anything not wanted. Lighting up dark corners and insets of your home with standard landscape lighting will also add security and elegance to the home.

Decor and Appeal

Landscape lighting can highlight any area of your home. Using decorative landscape lighting around various spots will transform these areas into focal points of your outdoor space. The decorative lighting can be positioned around plants, waterfalls, and statues. Landscape lighting adds warmth and appeal to a home. It will not only increase the home's value but also show the homeowners care in the property.

Added Comfort

Landscape lighting provides comfort to your outdoor space. Homeowners can add lighting around the patio and/or deck and enjoy the space when the sun goes down. It will bring a sense of warmth along with an inviting, pleasant environment to entertain.  


Seasonal Lighting


     It just isn’t Christmas until you begin to see twinkling Christmas lights hanging from the rooftops and trees! Make a statement with your holiday decor and set your residence or place of business apart with custom designs that create a spectacular experience. Whether you want something simple or you want a complex design, we’re ready for the challenge.

Share the warmth of the season with your family, friends, clients and neighbors with breathtaking Christmas lights. Our traffic-stopping displays delight and excite all who pass by. Start your celebration today with Christmas lights and enhance the spirit of any season with our holiday lighting and decor.  Elite preserves the spirit of the season by taking care of every step of the process, from design and the Christmas lights installation, to take down and storage. We do everything so you don’t have to. Elite Outdoor Innovations is Your Christmas lighting experts in Southwest Missouri.